Let Go and Let Femininity Flow.

Voila Feminine. I love femininity! There is something about being in a room full of women that ignites a spark, a love, and a joy of being female.

Embracing ourselves as women should make us feel free, settled, and at home within ourselves. Femininity has less to do with that little black dress ( even though I love that too) and more to do with the collective Feminine energy we as women internally vibrate. 

In Chinese medicine, the Feminine is the yin; to the Masculine Yang. The Feminine essence is dark, private, cold in nature, slow in movement, close to the earth, and a creative force that palpitates the electromagnetic universe. It balances the Masculine yang, which is bright, public, and hot. The Masculine exudes in a manner that is busy and fast.

Every woman hosts some Male yang energies within her being that develops wholeness within her Femininity. Just as every man can nurture and create, which are considered feminine forces at work, so can women attain and rise within the Masculine. The more the internal environment is balanced, the more we will enjoy and appreciate the opposite sex in his/her Masculinity and Femininity.

Decades into the twentieth-first-century, women have developed a hyper-Masculine life. We have replaced the authentic Feminine with a sexualized version of Femininity. As we have collectively pursued fast-paced careers that meet a false alter ego, that women need to be “equal” to men.

Instead of celebrating the uniqueness of the different giftings, we carry as Male and Female. We have applied a one size fits all approach. In doing such we throw away our right to the Feminine quest, to nurture, create, explore, hosting a celebration for the truly elegant. Modern-day expectations in our chaotic day to day environment leave women feeling inadequate and depleted.

“What’s needed is the power of the Feminine. Feminine is not a solution; rather, it’s the Feminine in relationship with the Masculine that’s the way forward allowing both their full brilliance.“- Quote from Wild Power

Can we collectively hold space for the Feminine? Can we embrace our sense of selves that might be buried by the hyper-active Masculine? Can we learn to champion ourselves and others in the vibrating intuition of women?  It’s time we came home within ourselves feeling settled within our nature as powerful Women.

Grounding yourself in the Feminine means cultivating and embracing your nurturing self. Caring for yourself involves time, energy, and money spent on yourself. Setting time for yourself can mean a lot more “No’s” to take on the needs of the world and making space for your own.

Feminine Grounding Tips :

  • Get Creative ( Draw, paint, do pottery, take a tap class, bake a cake, take photos, find something that expands creativity within you)
  • Connect With Nature ( walking, hiking, forest bathing, collect wildflowers, get out there and enjoy!)
  • Love Being You. ( There is no one else like yourself; stop trying to conform to others’ expectations that will never allow you to function as yourself).
  • Get Wild ( Find something out of your comfort zone that will help you step into freedom and expansion. Take a belly dancing class, go skydiving, or take acting lessons. Find something that seems exciting that you would never take time to do and do it!)
  • Cultivate Joy ( fill your day with small things that make your day pleasant. Take your lunch break in a park, laugh with a podcast on the way to work, treat yourself to a warm drink, make a “tah-dah” list of all the things you have accomplished today and pat yourself on the back).
  • Buy yourself one luxury item, non-necessity of your liking this week ( a painted teacup, a cozy robe, a crystal vase, find something that speaks of beauty to you, and allow yourself to buy it).
  • Throw away one low self-worth item, an old pair of shoes or outfit, and replace it with something you love.
  • Make a list of people who encourage and uplift you. Take the time to make a phone call or take a date with one of those friends. On the opposite end, maybe it’s time to dump a friend who drags you down and only thinks about him/herself.
  • Find time to sit in silence, journal, and hear your inner voice. I promise it is begging to speak with you!
  • Wonder, drift and give yourself space for time to do nothing at all (window shopping anyone?)
  • Be present and intentional. ( Eat well, sleep well, have intentional conversations, enjoy your husband and kids, stay present and thankful for the good things already given in your life).

As women, we have for far too long poured from empty cups. You are worth being poured into! A permission slip to do so:)


Leah Fellers