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Take Control of Your Health

Fertile Myrtle and Fem.Me are women supporting women in birth, postpartum, and feminine well-being. We do this by compassion, care, listening, educating, and investing in you and your well-being.

Fertile Myrtle and Fem.Me are about women’s health. We stand against the grain of modern health care, fad diets, and exercise programs that look healthy but are not promoting what is best to support the female body in well-being.

Modern healthcare doesn’t take a holistic approach to one’s wellness. Holistic health looks at lifestyle, diet, and custom support for fertility, postpartum, and birth. This is done by investing time in self-discovery, listening deeply to the needs of your body, and holding space for the innate wisdom you hold as a woman to heal your own body.

Fertile Myrtle and Fem.Me are about giving clients opportunities and choices they may never knew they could have and educating them so they can take the reins on their health, birth, and postpartum.  If you are looking to change the way you look at female wellness, I am here to walk with you and teach you how to love you. Whether you are looking for fertility counseling, a doula, or menstrual awareness teaching, I am here to provide you the knowledge to love your body and promote health within.


Menstrual Cycle & Hormonal Balance Coaching

Fertile Myrtle

Fertility Counseling & Doula Birth Services