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Fertility & Pregnancy Services

Holistic Fertility Counselor

A fertility counselor is a guide on your fertility journey to give you researched and detailed advice on optimizing your chance of conception. I start by listening, and then together, we map out a practical approach to you achieving conception.

A fertility counselor is here to help you prepare emotionally, physically, and mentally to have a baby. I give homeopathic suggestions to those who are tired and weary and ready to change from synthetic options to less harsh alternatives.

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Fertility Counseling $1200

  • 45 min Fertility Assessment, in this session we will go through and identify any hindrances causing infertility.
  • Tips and coaching on identifying health issues
  • Customized diet and lifestyle solutions to help your journey to conceive
  • Call and email support during your fertility journey.
  • Fertility charting and charting support.
  • Fertility Education including Fertile tips for men.

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The word doula originates from the Ancient Greek and infers the position of a female servant. In modern terminology, a doula refers to one who labors with a woman and serves her during childbirth and the postpartum period.

A doula is a non-medical mother-labor assistant and is trained in both physical and emotional comfort measures. Improved birth outcomes, along with shortened duration, are associated with doula supported birth. The overarching objective of a doula is to safeguard the mother, protect her space, ensure a feeling of safety, and inspire confidence in her ability before, during, and after delivery. 

For our purpose here, a doula is defined as pregnancy, birth, and postpartum companion. She is educated in understanding and recognizing the emotional and physical needs a woman has and works to meet those needs.

A doula’s work generally begins the last month or two of a woman’s pregnancy and ends a month or two following birth. The main goal of a doula is to nurture the woman and, in so doing, helps her become a nurturing and thriving mother. 


Birth Doula Services $1250

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • 1-2 Prenatal Visits
  • Birth Plan Development and Implementation Support
  • Private Childbirth Education 
  • Unlimited phone/email support pre & postnatal
  • Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Support during labor
  • Comfort Measures
  • Informational Support
  • Position changes to help ease pain and aid normal delivery
  • Use of Essential Oils if desired
  • 24-hour on-call support
  • Initial breastfeeding support
  • 1-3 hours Initial Postpartum Support
  • A few birth snapshots
  • 1 Postpartum visit to debrief and help as needed
  • A written birth story (if requested)

Milk Mama Package $350

  • Basic breastfeeding support 
  • 2 home visits
  • Remote breastfeeding help as needed for the first 6 weeks

Expanded Milk Mama Package  $550

  • Basic breastfeeding support
  • 4 home visits
  • Remote breastfeeding help as needed for the first 6 weeks.
Need a more affordable doula option? My team has a newly trained doula who has been through a 3-month program.

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Postpartum Services

Each family has different needs that can change day-to-day. A postpartum session includes a check-in on how the last 24 hours have been, formulation of a plan for the session, and anything that feels supportive to the new mom. Here are some examples of our services:

Postpartum Doula Packages:
7-hour package $240
12-hour package $360
18-hour package $550


  • Breastfeeding support 
  • Troubleshooting with feeding and sleeping cycles
  • Spending time with your baby so you can rest
  • Basic household tasks
  • Assistance with after-birth healing (sitz bath, emotional support, self-care)
  • Organization of supplies
  • Helping with baby care and baby-wearing, guiding you as you learn
  • Grocery shopping, errands
  • Simple meal preparation
  • Screening calls and visitors
  • Sleep Recovery

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