Welcome to Fertile Myrtle and Fem.Me. My name is Leah Fellers. I’m a Kansas City-based holistic health coach for women’s wellness. I provide coaching for menstrual health, hormone balancing, fertility, as well as doula services for pregnancy and postpartum. 

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I'm Leah Your personal coach for all things on women's wellness.

I am a certified fertility counselor, birth & postpartum doula, menstrual awareness teacher, and Chinese medicine counselor.  

Through my certifications and life experiences, I have come to love and appreciate a holistic approach to women’s health. I am here to help you explore women’s health and wellness by understanding your body in your individual journey with hormone balancing, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, birth, and looking to your menstrual cycle as a window into your everyday health.

I am here to support, encourage, and educate you on learning to love your body and to guide you in feminine wellness.

Fem.Me _ Menstrual Cycle Coaching & Hormone Balancing


Menstrual cycle & Hormonal Balance Coaching 

Your everyday wellness is important for all aspects of your health. Whether you are trying to lose weight, get healthy, or conceive your hormone health is key. I provide coaching for hormonal balancing and menstrual cycle troubleshooting.


Fertile Myrtle

Fertility Counseling & Doula Birth Services

I provide fertility counseling, education, and support on your journey to getting pregnant. And once you have conceived, my doula services help create a birth plan and provide emotional, physical, and spiritual support during labor.  And once the baby is here, I provide postpartum sessions where I assist with whatever your needs are. 


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  • Doula Service

    “Thank you for your perspective and encouragement, We/I really couldn’t have done this without you.” 

    John and Kristina
  • Doula Service

    “It was wonderful having your support through everything” 

    Zach and Eden
  • “I recently had the pleasure of working with Leah at a recent birth. In short, Leah is an amazing doula.”

    Robin, Midwife & Naturopath
    Heart and Hands Birth and Wellness Services
  • Doula Service

    “She doesn’t treat us just as clients but as family. Her genuine loving & caring heart makes her a perfect doula. The emotional support was what I needed the most, and she was always there to ease my fear and doubt.”

  • Doula

    “Our hearts are filled with joy and appreciation; your support means so much to us. We would not know how to walk this journey without you.” 

    Kwoh Family
  • Doula

    “10/10 I would recommend hiring Leah as your doula, she was an absolute lifesaver!”

    Matt and Mckayla Wynn
  • Doula

    “My labor hurt but Leah really helped me manage the pain.” 

    Nene Taylor
  • Doula

    “You were wonderful to me in labor, you supported me so much, you’re an amazing doula.”

    Kayla Carter

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Are you ready to improve your overall wellness and health? Our wellness program provides a clear plan to fix your menstrual cycle, hormonal imbalances, and fertility problems holistically.

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